Estate Administration


Estate Planning We help clients understand what will happen to their family, and property, in the event of incapacity or death. When clients fully understand their options regarding these important decisions, they are able to make informed decisions that best fit their lives. An individually tailored Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney, Advance Directive, and Trust Agreement provide clients with comfort and security in knowing that their final wishes will be honored.

Estate Administration When an individual passes away, his or her estate will require administration. At Kehoe Moneyhun Law, LLC, we provide counsel to individuals during the stressful time of administering a loved one’s Last Will and Testament or Trust Agreement. We guide clients through the process with professionalism and compassion.


Probate is a court supervised process where the debts and taxes of an estate are paid and the remaining assets are distributed to heirs.  People often assume that probate is a cumbersome and costly process; however, many estates can be distributed quickly and in a straight-forward manner.

For estates worth less than $75,000 in personal items and $200,000 in real estate, a Small Estate Affidavit can be used to administer an estate in Oregon instead of a probate.

A revocable living trust helps individuals avoid probate on death; however, not all people need to do a revocable living trust. We assist individuals in determining the right estate plan for them, whether it is a will or a trust. 


Our mission is to support individuals and families as they encounter some of the toughest points in their lives, with as little conflict as possible.

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