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Some Exciting News!

We have some exciting news! Kehoe Law, LLC and The Law Office of Marisa Moneyhun, LLC, have decided to merge their practices, effective immediately. This means that we will be able to offer clients assistance with…
Divorce and Tax refund or Stimulus Checks

How will our Divorce affect my tax refund or stimulus checks?

Some couples may have filed their taxes jointly last year but have since divorced. It can result in confusion about how to get your tax refund or stimulus check this year.  What should happen with these…
difference between amicable, uncontested, and Collaborative Divorce?

Is there a difference between Amicable, Uncontested, and Collaborative Divorce?

These are terms you may come across when you are trying to figure out a way for you and your spouse to avoid a courtroom, but is there a difference?  Amicable and uncontested usually mean the…
Divorce Communication

How to (and How Not to) Communicate During Divorce

There are some important things to remember about communicating with your spouse during your divorce.  As a rule, if you are going to talk about important aspects of the divorce, do so in-person. If you do…