Gratitude During Divorce (Thanksgiving)

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Gratitude During Divorce (Thanksgiving)

Gratitude During Divorce (Thanksgiving)

Gratitude During Divorce (Thanksgiving)

If you are in the midst of a divorce right now, giving thanks may be low on the list of things you want to give your attention to. As we approach Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season, you may feel overwhelmingly challenged by the focus on joy and togetherness during this time. While it might feel counterintuitive, giving thanks during your divorce can be a powerful tool for healing and growth.

Appreciating What Was Good About the Relationship

Expressing gratitude for the positive aspects of your relationship can help shift the focus from bitterness to appreciation. While it might feel difficult to see the good times in your relationship history, they are there, mixed in with the turmoil of emotion you are feeling right now. Gratitude for the beautiful moments does not negate the pain of what you are going through; instead, it can help to acknowledge the complexity of the shared history.

Appreciating Those Who Support You

Divorce can be isolating, but chances are you are not going through this time alone. You may have friends, family members, your children, your therapist, and/or your attorney supporting you during the divorce. (If not, reach out to us immediately, and we can get you connected to some support services.) These people are invaluable during this time. Recognizing the love and assistance you receive, whether emotional or practical, helps to build connection and reminds you that you are not doing this alone.

Appreciating Personal Growth and Resilience

Divorce is one of the hardest and most difficult events a person can go through. And like most traumatic events, it forces you to confront your strengths and weaknesses, pushing you to evolve and adapt. If anything, divorce will change you, and if you remain mindful, it will change you for the better. Embracing this personal growth with gratitude can be a source of strength as you navigate this next chapter.

Giving thanks during divorce is not about denying the pain or challenges but about finding silver linings and cultivating resilience. By appreciating what is good about the past, acknowledging the support you’ve received along the way, and recognizing the ways in which you’ve grown, gratitude can be a guiding light through your divorce.


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