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COVID-19 Update

The courthouses have limited availability in both Washington and Oregon, so if you want to get divorced any time soon, the best option is to work together. Collaborative, mediation, and other such cases will be the only ones who can finalize any time before May 2020. If you are interested in any of these out-of-court […]
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Mother explaining issues to child

Maintaining Privacy During Divorce

When someone consults an attorney about getting a divorce, anything that person tells the attorney is private and protected by the attorney-client privilege. However, any written document that is filed with the court is open to the public and readily discoverable by anyone, stranger or friend. In a Collaborative Divorce, your privacy is protected during the […]
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Divorce Options- Four Ways to Divorce

Once a couple has made the decision to divorce, they have different options available. Which way that they go totally depends on their own personal situation. The Do-It-Yourself-Divorce A do-it-yourself-divorce is also known as the “kitchen table divorce.” The divorcing couple does all the paperwork themselves and files the documents with the court. This may work when […]
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