What is a prenup?

What is a prenup

What is a prenup?

Prenups are legal agreements made before marriage. They cover issues like assets, debts, and income. They spur a lot of interesting conversations such as what happens if you have kids and one of you will stay home for some time. They can be changed or revoked at any time, so if you create one, you are not stuck forever with what that says. At the same time, your negotiating power may be limited once you are already married, so you want it to be worded in a way that you can live with.

Prenups are like premarital counselling in that they help you avoid a lot of problems that can lead to divorce. For example, one common cause of divorce is encountering financial trouble. Having a prenuptial agreement forces you to have some tough discussions around your needs and expectations with regard to your finances (will you share all of your finances, or each have a separate account and one joint account, or keep everything totally separate). Being on the same page with how you will pay expenses can then reduce the stress and surprises that can happen later, hopefully helping you avoid divorce all together. At Kehoe Moneyhun Law, LLC we can help you navigate through prenup processes so that each party feels comfortable with the agreement and feels like they have been heard in the process, so you can start your marriage off right.


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