What is the cheapest way to get a divorce? 

What is the cheapest way to get a divorce?


What is the cheapest way to get a divorce?Uncontested divorce in Washington and Oregon. 

Divorce can be a costly process. Not only are you going from supporting one household, to supporting two households, there is the mental and emotional toll it takes on those involved. At Kehoe Moneyhun Law, we are committed to alleviating these costs when possible.  

 In terms of legal fees, the most low-cost way to divorce, is the uncontested divorce. This essentially means that the two people involved reach an agreement on all the divorce terms, prior to filing for divorce. There are a few approaches to how you can pursue an uncontested divorce, as stated below.  

DIY Divorce or Kitchen Table Divorce. 

 This is what it sounds like. A divorcing couple sit down and work out the terms of their divorce on their own. They can prepare and file their own paperwork. There is minimal attorney involvement at this level, and therefore minimal attorney fees. We recommend having at least one consult with an attorney, if you are pursuing this method. Divorce documents are binding legal documents, and it is much more costly to try and undo a poorly written document than it is to get it right the first time. It is also important to know how your agreement will affect you. At Kehoe Moneyhun Law, we provide assistance to people pursuing a DIY Divorce, through ongoing consultations and divorce document reviews. 

Flat Fee Divorce  

You may have worked out the terms of your divorce on your own, but are not sure what to do next. Filling out divorce documents and figuring out how to file with the court can be a timely, overwhelming, and confusing process. You are not alone in feeling this way, because it is all of those things. Kehoe Moneyhun Law offers flat fee divorce packages to help manage your divorce. Once you’ve figured out the terms of your divorce, maybe with the help of a consultation or two, our divorce attorneys prepare all of the required documents, review them with you, and handle the filing process from start to finish.  

 With a flat fee divorce you pay a one-time fee and don’t have to worry about surprise charges each month. Having an attorney prepare and review your divorce documents can save you stress and money in the long run. Knowing that everything has been completed correctly, and will move smoothly through the court system saves you the expense and energy of figuring it out yourself.  


Mediation is a low-cost method to getting a divorce. People who pursue mediation tend to do so because working it out on their own is not productive, or they need the structure of being guided through what decisions they need to make. In mediation, two people work with a neutral mediator who provides them a process to work through these decisions and come to an agreement. You can use mediators for specific issues, like just the financial pieces of your divorce, or just to figure out a parenting schedule for your children. This is a low-cost divorce method in that you are paying one mediator, rather than each paying your own attorneys. Mediation is more efficient than the traditional court-room divorce, saving you money and time. The attorneys at Kehoe Moneyhun Law are all certified mediators. They have extensive experience as mediators for all aspects of divorce.  


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