Comprehensive LGBTQ+ Legal Support: Embracing Diversity in Legal Matters

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At KM Law, we provide comprehensive LGBTQ+ legal support, including collaborative divorce, estate planning, and legal name and sex change.

Pride Month is a time to celebrate and honor the LGBTQ+ community while advocating for equality and inclusivity. At Kehoe Moneyhun Law, LLC, we proudly stand with the LGBTQ+ community and offer our comprehensive LGBTQ+ legal support in various legal matters that impact their lives.

Collaborative Divorce

We understand that LGBTQ+ couples may face unique challenges during divorce proceedings. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to facilitating respectful and fair collaborative divorces that prioritize open
communication and the best interests of all parties involved. We help couples resolve their disputes in an often much less expensive, compassionate, and thoughtful way that can avoid the stress of the courtroom.

Mediation and Mediation Support

LGBTQ+ individuals and couples may encounter specific issues in family law matters, such as child custody, adoption, and divorce. Our knowledgeable attorneys can provide mediation support, ensuring that your voice is heard and your rights are protected throughout the mediation process.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is essential for everyone, and sometimes especially LGBTQ+ individuals and families. Our attorneys can assist you in creating comprehensive estate plans that protect your assets, designate beneficiaries, and ensure that your wishes are respected, regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity.

Prenuptial Agreements

LGBTQ+ couples can benefit from prenuptial agreements, just like any other couple. These agreements provide a clear framework for addressing financial matters and asset division, offering both parties peace of mind and security. These agreements help avoid conflict later and can act as a sort of premarital counseling since they facilitate tough

Guardianships and Conservatorships

LGBTQ+ individuals may need to establish guardianships or conservatorships to protect their well-being or the
well-being of their loved ones. Our compassionate team can guide you through this process, ensuring the rights and interests of LGBTQ+ individuals and families are upheld.

Legal Coaching Services

We offer legal coaching services as a part of our LGBTQ+ legal support, that empower individuals to navigate their legal matters with confidence. Whether you need assistance in understanding your rights or guidance in advocating for yourself,  our attorneys are here to support you.

Name changes and gender identity confirmation

If you are changing your legal name or legal sex, we can also help you with drafting and filing the forms with the court to do so.

At Kehoe Moneyhun Law, LLC, we embrace diversity and are committed to providing LGBTQ+ individuals and families with the comprehensive LGBTQ+ legal support they deserve. We celebrate Pride Month by reaffirming our dedication to equality, inclusivity, and the pursuit of justice for all.

Contact Kehoe Moneyhun Law, LLC to learn more about how our experienced attorneys can assist you with LGBTQ+-related legal matters. We are here to advocate for your rights, protect your interests, and ensure a more just and equal society. Happy Pride Month! 🌈 #PrideMonth #LGBTQ+LegalSupport


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